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Superpower your salesforce to close all deals faster. ENSource lets your sales guys perform instant paperless applications for financial products like loans and insurances with their smartphones. It's game changing !

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ENSource turns field sales on it's head.

Imagine closing a loan application for a customer, even when she’s flying a kite, cooking dinner or taking a walk. Capture her form details. Documents. Photos. Right where she is. On the ENSource enabled phone. Here’s how :

Meet Your Customer

Enter basic details

Capture client photograph

Scan KYC documents

Get soft offer

Submit application real time

All these with a tap of button. No papers. No mess. Refreshing, isn't it?

How does it change your life ?

Here're a few rationals that we prepared for you to answer that.

Realtime visibility of everything sales.

As a sales leader, you are often at a loss about what's happening at the sales field. What's selling ? Did that lead finally sign up or not ? Are my sales agents pushing hard enough ? What's working and what's not ? ENSource is your answer to these avalanche of questions. With analytics that make sense and mean business.

Whoever said making a sale was a snail's job?

With ENSource, no one is ever lost in the labyrinth of papers. It helps your sales guy perform instantaneous form filling. ENSource also eliminates the back & forth of physical forms. Thus, what'd have taken 4-5 days (TAT) to conclude now takes just a day or two. Take a breather.

Turn your sales agents into rockstars.

Owing to its paperless features, ENSource lets your sales guy focus more on getting-the-sale-done. He escapes scurrying around for multiple documents. No more waiting for this and that from the backend office. No more frustrations, guaranteed. The always available "incentive earned" keeps him motivated too. Thus, rocking your sales numbers.

Save a great deal of money.

ENSource defies the "paper-is-ubiquitous-in-sales" logic beautifully. Riding on the wave of digitising sales, it lowers the use of paper to minimum, saving a great deal of money on papers, data entry resources and dispatching logistics.

Don't lose your sleep on insane data.

Instantaneous data feeding on phone keeps data entry errors to minimum. The errors are realised and corrected much faster than the manual workflow. Saving everyone's time, effort and mind !

Know your potential customer.

While your customer is engaging with your sales agent for, let's say, a car loan today, he may also hint about availing a home loan tomorrow. ENSource will come handy to tap into such latent needs of your customers.

One click communication of everything sales.

Equipping your sales agents with product application forms, training and marketing materials couldn't be easier. Create digital content and share it with your entire field force with a single click. That simple ! Saving money, time and effort is just a side effect of this.

A few more gifts.

Great to look at and easy to use interface.

ENSource is crafted, with a lot of care, for sales agents. The interface is all new yet instantly familiar and natural. Everyone on your team will find it fabulously easy to use. Get going.

Work offline.

Trouble connecting to internet ? No worries, ENSource works great offline and when it gets a chance, it syncs well too.

Plug & play, here too.

Have got your own website for online application for loan or bank account opening ? ENSource will effortlessly make itself a part of it.

Concerned about smartphone investment ?

Worry not. ENSource is designed in such a way that it works perfectly even on low resolution smartphones and tablets, iOS or android.

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